Vellum is an Australian-owned, a globally renowned ESG (environmental, social, governance) advisory and project management advisory group, with a focus on sustainable investing, strategic planning and project sourcing. We work closely with investors and businesses to assess, measure, validate and enhance both their financial and ESG performance.

Increasingly, stakeholders including investors and consumers are using ESG factors to evaluate organisations and assess how advanced they are when it comes to incorporating ESG into their objectives, strategy, and operations.

Yet societal and regulator expectations around ESG measurement and reporting are outpacing efforts being made to standardise measurement and reporting metrics, jeopardising the viability and credibility of ESG initiatives and outcomes.

Vellum has built an innovative suite of ESG management tools designed to encourage environmental and social value creation, enhance ESG measurement and management, and allow organisations to validate their ESG efforts and outcomes.

Vellum’s ESG services enable businesses to effectively plan, execute and measure their ESG performance using non-financial, environmental, and social value metrics. As a pioneer in strategy and project advisor, Vellum is able to leverage its global investment pipeline and extensive network of partnerships to drive positive outcomes for the various businesses and broader industries it works with.

Making ESG tangible

As business owners and financial investors ourselves, we believe in both financial and non-financial sustainability.

ESG is not just about looking into areas of negative ESG impacts and minimising risks, but also about enhancing ESG value creation and the efficiency of ESG resources.

Vellum believes that documented and verified ESG values create a way to package up the ESG outcomes of an organisations’ activities, so their ESG performance becomes tangible and comparative.

Making ESG Tangible

Vellum ESG

We apply our financial resources, technical expertise, global experience and innovative thinking to make a difference for people and the planet.

Many of the businesses that are creating positive environmental and social impacts are not large or listed entities, but those in the SME category. Vellum can help Start-ups and SMEs to identify their value, and plan company growth with ESG in mind, which can attract investment, provide opportunities to enter new markets, and increase productivity and sustainability.

We work with larger companies to help them minimise ESG risks and negative ESG impact, and can also assist with the creation and acquisition of ESG assets.

With Vellum ESG Management, we’re able to separate non-financial performance from financial performance, evaluate ESG efficiencies, and improve ESG management in both the short and long term.

We also assist companies by expanding their access to capital and new market opportunities, structure complex projects, advising on the design and execution of mergers, acquisitions and other strategic partnerships.

We help charities and other not-for-profit organisations to identify ESG outcomes, measure ESG value and improve ESG efficiency, so they’re able to further validate and manage the non-financial value they create for environment and society, helping attract donations and support.

We help government organisations and government-led projects to measure and manage their ESG outcomes and evaluate the environmental and social impact created for the community.

We support governments with the design and implementation of public-private partnerships with an ESG focus, and advocate for the introduction of reforms that encourage private investment and create jobs.

We help investors make real positive impact investments, with the added benefit of providing accurate and comparative ESG reporting, and applying ratio tools to evaluate ESG efficiency and risks. We can also assist by identifying ethical investments that produce positive environmental and social value, in addition to the more traditional investments that are commonly found in portfolios.

We help Environmental Scientists, Social Scientists, Research Institutions, and ESG Specialists to leverage their knowledge and experiences with ESG projects and broader investments, raise awareness of ESG, and improve ESG reporting and management technologies.

Making ESG Tangible

Asset Management

Vellum knows its investors have individual needs and preferences, and our strategies are tailored to achieve their personal investment objectives. We identify sustainable investment options that suit our clients’ individual values, priorities and goals.

Vellum also provides advisory services on clients’ existing assets and financial structures, improving capital operation efficiency and ESG performance. With its extensive experience in primary financial markets, Vellum can design and structure financial instruments including share placement, bonds issuance, and fund setup to facilitate investments.

When it comes to making decisions about our investments and managing our portfolios, we remain focused on identifying those that create and deliver positive environmental and social impacts, alongside sustainable financial returns.