Vellum is a female-led, globally focused innovative ESG (environmental, social, governance) advisory and investment group. Vellum promotes non-financial values and sustainable investing that makes an impact. We have been working closely with investors, projects and businesses to assess, plan, measure and validate what they do – making both environmental and social impact and financial returns equally achievable.

Recently the focus on ESG has grown but many find sustainable investment confusing and unconvincing. Vellum has built innovative ESG management tools, constructed a non-financial value recognition system and contributed greatly to ESG performance management to solve these issues.

Making ESG Tangible

Vellum ESG

We apply our financial resources, technical expertise, global experience and innovative thinking to make a difference for people and the planet.

We provide tailored ESG services to SMEs focused on environmental and social impact. The recognition and measurement of ESG impact attracts private investment, provides opportunities to enter new markets and increases operational performance and sustainability. Adopting best practices and standards increases competitiveness and productivity.

We help SMEs strengthen their skills and performance, improving their ability to participate in the supply and distribution networks of larger organisations.

We work with companies to minimize and offset negative environmental impact and maximise social impact – climate change, gender balance and beyond.

We help companies enter new markets, attract investors and structure complex projects. We provide advice on the design and execution of mergers, acquisitions and partnerships.

We help companies resolve complex business challenges, structure innovative programs and create new market opportunities through innovative programs.

We assist companies in expanding access to capital, mitigating risk and safeguarding against mismanagement by improving their corporate governance. We help companies do business in a sustainable way by promoting sound environmental, social and governance practices.

We help charities and other non-for-profit organisations to measure their impact. We can assist in the recognition and management of the non-financial value they create.

We help non-for-profit organisations to improve their own internal ESG performance as well as maximise the environmental and social impact they contributed to society.

We assist non-for-profit organisations in attracting donations and support.

We help government organisations and government-led projects to measure and manage their ESG outcomes.

We support governments to design and implement public-private partnerships with an ESG focus. We help evaluate environmental and social impact for the community. We support the implementation of reforms that encourage private investment and create jobs.

Building Investment in ESG

Vellum Asset Management

Impact is the focus of how we make investments and manage our portfolio. We are intentional about identifying impact before making an investment and we manage our investments to achieve impact alongside financial returns.

Our investments aim to create jobs and opportunities, improve operations, foster small enterprise and achieve ESG goals. Vellum is making a difference for people and the planet.

Vellum is experienced in unlocking private investment and creating opportunities where they are needed most.