Binuo Erth

Managing Partner

Personal Information


Binuo Erth has extensive experience as a financial services specialist and is an ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) business leader and activist. With the team she leads at Vellum, she seeks to positively impact the financial, environmental and social performance of tangible asset portfolios across many asset types – from collectible cars to property.

Based on a core belief in the power of business to drive positive change in the world and with a keen interest in tangible assets and ESG, Binuo amplifies such impact by leveraging her skills and experience in:

  • strategic planning
  • mergers and acquisitions
  • operation optimisation
  • corporate ventures
  • and all aspects of sustainable investment and asset management


Most recently she led the development of a new Vellum ESG framework that creates metrics and tools to evaluate environmental value and social value beyond climate initiatives and gender balance. This is used to help organisations of all sizes execute on meaningful environmental and social goals.

Binuo is passionate about driving ESG success that is combined with financial success. She seeks to positively impact the responsible investment and practices of investors, corporations, SMEs and not-for-profit organisations.