ESG Certificate

The Vellum ESG Certificate is part of Vellum ESG Management Tools, it represents the ESG Value created by certain projects or organisations, validated under Vellum ESG Framework and assessed against the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It empowers ESG-focused organisations to effectively measure and validate their ESG efforts and outcomes.

The end goal is to allow market mechanisms to drive industrial and commercial processes that reduce negative ESG impacts, increase positive ESG impacts, and support ESG initiatives, to achieve better ESG outcomes overall.

How impact is measured (Total ESG Value Created – Total ESG Value Consumed) x ESG Scores = no. of Units on Vellum ESG Certificate

Vellum ESG Value Created is a financial measurement of the ESG Value being contributed to the society and environment; it is based on UN SDGs and calculated in Australian dollars.

Vellum ESG Value Consumed is a financial measurement of ESG Value being utilised by a certain project or organisation. It constitutes what is taken or extracted from the society or environment, for eg. energy, water, natural resources, donations, government grants, tax concessions, or community support.

Vellum ESG Scores are part of Vellum ESG Measurement Tools, they represent the general ESG performance of a project or organisation. Vellum ESG scores are based on industry data, surveys and other information provided. The score range is 0 to 5, the highest positive score being 5.

Vellum ESG Certificate is to certify an organization’s ESG Units earned in the reporting period and reflect the ESG outcomes.

Vellum ESG Certificate