Sophia Pan

Senior Manager- Legal and Corporate Governance

Personal Information


Sophia Pan possessed a wealth of practical experience in compliance advising, internal control and corporate governance. Before joining Vellum Group, she used to provide compliance and business management for entities in various industries, including logistic group, financial group, fin-tech company and aviation consultant company etc.

Sophia has been involved in projects such as M&A, bond issuances, cross-border governance and establishment of business models. She is specialized in compliance management in financial institution, project advising and ensuring compliance with regulations during operations.

Sophia is always committed to create a fair environment for employers, help youngsters understand multiculturalism, and seek more opportunities for responsible investments which are couple with ESG and Sustainable Development Goals.

Sophia gained LLM Degree (Master of Law) of Durham University and graduated from Shandong University with a Bachelor Degree of Law.