New South Wales born Tesla chairwoman Robyn Denholm recently urged Australia to join the world in embracing a rapid transition to electric vehicles. She argued that Australia faced a massive opportunity to become a renewables power-house thanks to the country’s wealth of natural resources, including lithium, necessary to make electric vehicles.

The call comes as Australians continue to lag behind the rest of the world on electric car purchases, despite a large proportion (50%) expressing they would consider buying an electric vehicle as their next car.

The urgency of encouraging a rapid transition to electric is paramount as 75% of all new car sales need to be electric by 2030 for Australia to achieve net zero emissions by 2035, according to the Climate Council.

At Vellum, we share Robyn Denholm’s vision for Australia and are similarly looking to support a clean energy revolution right here at home.

We aim to achieve this by facilitating a transition to a more sustainable world in the present, but also forging a vision for the future that makes this transition more attainable. Electric cars are an excellent example of how we implement this approach.

Our approach is to uphold the highest environmental, social and equitable governance standards possible, not only in our own practice, but when we work with other organisations too. We also ensure that our investments align with this ESG-first approach and that they are all capable of facilitating positive change. This helps us encourage transformative environmental change in the present, including renewable energy and low-emission transportation, like electric vehicles.

While we want to transition to clean cars to drive, at Vellum we are also fans and investors in classic cars as an asset class. That’s why we are establishing Vellum Perpetual Collection Fund. For a car appreciating nation looking to make a clean transition to an electric future, our Perpetual Collection Fund will provide exposure to investment in rare and collectible motor cars and will back clean car projects. Funds like this help to preserve historical and appreciating vehicle types, while modernising and replacing an entire generation of fossil-fuel dependent cars. The Perpetual Collection Fund will be well-positioned to facilitate a transition toward the future of electric vehicles and provide investors with exposure to an asset class that has outperformed Property and global Equities, returning an average of 14% pa over the past 10 years (Knight Frank wealth report).

We believe that the time to transition to a more sustainable, low-emission society is now. We stand at the forefront of this transformation, ready to assist our clients by playing a role in the positive transformation of the present and also the facilitation of change for the future.


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